Team Building - How It Works

We can organise your whole event for you, including the venue and your catering requirements. It starts with a telephone call in which we will establish the following:- 

  • Your objectives
  • How many participants there will be
  • When you would like the event to happen
  • The ideal location
  • What the best activities are to meet your objectives
  • Any special requirements

Don't worry if you don't know every detail at this stage, we can work in ball parks. If you don't have a favourite venue we can make recommendations to fit in with your budget, or we can come up with some options at different budgets. We're prepared to invest a lot of work in this first stage.

The 'Round Robin' or Multi-Activity Format

Most clients want a selection of activities. The group is divided into teams to have a go at each activity in turn. The activities don't all have to be from the same group, you can mix and match. Many clients want to try a bit of everything.







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